PT 1850 Chains

I installed an old beat up snow plow with hydraulic tilt onto my PT 1850 by welding an attachment plate to the plow. But I knew from late last winter when i first got my used PT 1850 that it would need chains to stop from sliding on the ice. I bought a cheap set and they worked okay but i did not feel they would be adequate for use with the plow. So I bit the bullet and buy a good set that would fit my tires and not cause clearance issues along the sides of the tires. In the past, I have always used double ring logging chains but they would hit against the side of the tractor. So instead I decided to go with hardened studded chains since they should bite into the ice pretty well.

The best I could find were Trygg Chains but I am sure they are very expensive. Here's a picture of their chain:




Instead, I went with Norway 615 chains. The best price I could find for my 26x12.00-12 tires was from Tire Chains Required. I purchased the ATV Super Stud chains which are Norway 615 chains. They are not cheap - each chain costs $100. But they work well. I keep telling myself I have to think of it as a lifetime purchase!!!

As you can see, they do not have as much cross linking as the Trygg chains so I am sure they are not as good.


Here's a picture of my install:


The D-ring is because one of the small clevis' they gave to install the chain with came off before I had a chance to install the springs (got over a foot of snow and had to plow and did not have the springs yet). The picture also shows a bolt I installed. The lever you see there is used to install and tighten the chains. You can see the ring to the left of the bolt that slips into a slot on the cam lever. I installed the bolt into the slot just to make sure the ring did not slip out.



Here's a close up of my chains showing the hardened studs:


Finally, here's a close up of the Springs and Turnbuckle. I was careful to make sure none of the hooks faced into the tire:


Here's a picture showing the clearance:



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