Standby Generators




Reliable, Automatic Operation keeps your home or business operating during power outages.

Trust in SENTRY-PRO to continuously guard your property.  When normal power fails, SENTRY-PRO automatically starts up and supplies your critical electric power.  Your furnace keeps on working, guarding against frozen water pipes; your refrigerator keeps on working, guarding against spoiled food; your sump pump keeps working, guarding against flooding basements; your security system keeps working, keeping you safe and your radio or TV keeps working giving you valuable information.
SENTRY-PRO protects your property automatically and gives you a feeling of security and above all, peace of mind.
The automatic sequence of operation with the automatic "ATS" switch system is as follows:

1. Normal commercial power fails.
2. Within ten seconds, the generator starts and produces emergency electric power.
3. The transfer switch will disconnect the commercial power lines and connect emergency generated power to the chosen load in your home.
4. When commercial power returns, the transfer switch will reconnect this normal power back to its regular circuits.
5. The generator will shut down and go back to a "guarding" position, awaiting the next normal power failure.

And now, for the best part.  These actions occur automatically, with no one present!



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