LED Work Lights

I finally got around to installing my LED work lights. I needed extra light but I was worried about too much draw on the alternator. So I bought 18 Watt (Six x 3 Watt LED's/light) LED worklights (Truck Lights, $75 from Autolumination.com - seems like they have a bunch of names they use). They were expensive but I am very pleased. Since my voltage is a little high, it is nice to know these can handle up to 30 Volts.

Here's a picture of the LED Lights installed on my FOPS with the factory lights below:


Here's some closeup pictures:



This Pictures shows all of the lights on:



Then I took a picture showing each set of lights on. I set the camera to full manual and kept the settings the same so you could compare. First the factory lights, then the LED which are significanly better.
























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