PT1850 Wheel Adapters

JJ was kind enough to let us know about a good deal on some turf 24 x 12-12 Tires and Rims. I purchased them for the tires only but then I realized I have always wanted more clearance for tractor chains so I decided to use the rims as well. I did not want to have to take the tires off and then remount them so I went with a bolt on solution instead of a weld on solution. Here are pictures of the new tires which are pretty nice 4-ply turfs. Also shown is a picture of the wheel motor hub (one stud is removed):



Here is a CAD drawing I did after I built the project as well as a finished wheel adapter:

Here is the new rim with socket clearance holes drilled since the adapter plate will be "inside" of the wheel:


This picture shows the plate attached with carriage bolts utilizing the square wheel weight holes in tyhe new rim:


Here is the wheel installed:


And here you can see the added clearance (8" instead of ~1"):




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