click here for larger pictureGillette no longer will use a "Full Power" mechanical switch, for switch selection of full wattage power on 120 VOLTS and 240 VOLTS, due to the eventual failures of these switches and the constant confusion on how to correctly operate this switch.  More slot area in the stator winding slots, to increase the amount of copper wire (as shown in "POWER-ASSIST" explanation), has been proven to be the better solution.  Our 120/240 Volt generators are of the 3-wire circuit, which gives full power on 240 volts, but only 1/2 wattage rating on each of the two 120 volt circuits.  If user connects all loads onto just one side of 120 volt output, and nothing or very little load on remaining 120 volt circuit, the generator load will be out of balance across the 2-pole winding and will badly vibrate and chatter.  This is typical on all other 3 wire generators. The Gillette stator winding is wound in parallel so that any load applied to either 120 volt circuit, is equally shared across both windings of the 2 pole design.  This "shared" winding stops all un-balanced load problems, and the increased circular mils of copper wire, safely takes care of  75% of full 120 volt load on both circuits.  As an extra-precaution, Gillette precision balances the rotating rotor.  These rotors, revolving at 3600 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), must be precisely balanced to within 4 grams for smoother operation and longer service life.  THESE TWO FEATURES COUPLED WITH SMOOTH RUNNING OHV ENGINES, GIVE YOU VIBRATION FREE VALUE BEYOND ALL OTHERS.


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