click here for larger pictureGillette has the largest stator lamination in the world (8-3/4" diameter) compared to other 2-pole, 3600 RPM portable gen-sets.  This large stator lamination diameter allows 27% more back-iron (the amount of electrical grade steel that provides magnetic flux circuit path for the copper field coils), and allows for larger wire slots (we use 35% more circular mils of copper wire per slot, than all competitors).  These two combined features, allows the single outstanding benefit of superior electric motor starting ability.  Our claim is that of a 40% surge power, available for the 1-11?^2 second time period that it takes for a single phase motor, to drop out of it's temporary high current demand starting winding, to the low current continuous running winding.  Let's look at an example.  Model GPN-105E, producing 40 continuous rated amps, will produce 56 amps surge power (40 x 1.4) WHICH GIVES YOU THAT "POWER-ASSIST" BONUS, WHENEVER YOU NEED IT.

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