click here for larger pictureThe most commonly replaced part on a brushless portable generator is the diode (rectifier) circuit.  These diodes convert AC to DC power for energizing the rotor winding circuit.  A typical diode rating of 1000 Volts at 12 Amps is universally used in portable generators and they work fine when gen-set is properly used.  If the gen-set is overloaded by an oversized electric motor (and all operators eventually do this), there is an excellent chance that the diodes will fail, due to the tremendous voltage "spike" set up by the back EMF (electro-motive-force), during starting or stoping of this motor overload.  We have solved these problems of diode failures by our exclusive winding design, and our over-rating of diodes.  We install 25 Amp diodes at 3200 Volts and therefore it is virtually impossible to destroy the diodes in a Gillette built generator.  For this reason, WE WARRANTY OUR DIODES FOR LIFE.





click here for larger pictureGillette uses the system of CLC voltage regulation (capacitor load compensating), which, upon charging and dis-charging of this capacitor, across the exciter winding, will produce, plus or minus 5% voltage regulation, from name plate rating.  Due to the wear and abuse of this constant charge-discharge function, the capacitor in all brushless generators, have become the second most replaced part.  Most generators have a 250 VAC capacitor rating.  We use a 370 VAC capacitor which allows 33% more capacitor film and dielectric fluid insulator.  This heavier duty capacitor can take the abuses of it's circuitry and for this reason, WE WARRANTY OUR CAPACITORS FOR LIFE.



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