All residential/small business emergency power systems are offered in (2) styles:

  • Automatic 12 VDC battery charger with 3 stage charging features.
  • Polyethylene pad, for quick, easy installation of standby gen-set. (8-12 KW Only)
  • Mainline circuit breaker, to protect your investment from surges and overloads.
  • Sound proof interior foam, for quiet operation
  • Galvaneel steel weather housing that retards corrosion and rust
  • An "8 LED annunciator" gives you instant information on gen-set condition.
  • Digital microprocessor controller for simple, reliable, auto start/stop functions.
  • Magnetic circuit breaker for automatic overload protection.
  • Run time meter registers hours for scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Easy engine oil drain with on/off valve and flexible drain hose.

Packaged generator set, consisting of: All (11) above listed features plus a 100 amp, NEMA-1 enclosure, automatic transfer switch (ATS). By adding this (ATS) the system now becomes a "packaged" standby power plant, with all items required for a complete system. (Less electrical work and dry fuel piping at job-site, by local contractors). These complete, "packaged" systems are designated with the suffix letter "P" after each generator model number.


  • HOUSING:  Rust proofed steel enclosure with weather and sound protection, easy service access thru large lockable doors.

  • MICROPROCESSOR:  This digital controller monitors normal utility power constantly, and when normal power fails, you have emergency power within 10 seconds.  No failure-prone mechanical relays are allowed in this all digital circuitry.

  • INTERIOR AIR DUCTS:  Clean fresh air is ducted into the housing.  The heat generating items (engine and muffler) are ducted out of the housing.  This results in the coolest operating gen-set, available.

  • MUFFLER:  Special residential grade muffler design for ultimate silencing.  The muffler and exhaust pipe system is concealed within housing, to avoid accidental contact.

  • AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH (ATS):  This optional equipment is designed to switch failed utility power out and emergency generator power in, and connect to your loads.  This electrically operated, mechanically held switch is UL-1008 certified and has the following features:  Engine automatic exerciser, once per week, time delay to start (avoids nuisance starts with common power glitches), time delay for engine cool down before final stop, LED annunciator lights mounted on ATS front cover for showing normal power or emergency power in use, NEMA 1 metal enclosure (for inside installation) or NEMA-3R enclosure (for outdoor installations), and 100 thru 1200 Amp capacity at 240 Volts, 1 phase, or 208, 220, 240, and 480 Volts, 3 phase to match most any incoming utility power.  The 2-wire automatic transfer switch is a part of the complete SENTRY-PRO packaged standby system or is deleted, when buyer has their own ATS.



EXCLUSIVE "KLEEN-POWER" design allows only 6-7% harmonic distortion of the generated power sine-wave on all air-cooled 3600 rpm gen-sets.  Liquid cooled 1800 RPM gen-sets yield only 3-4% harmonic distortions.  Harmful harmonic distortions over 10% on any generated sine-wave, may do damage to your electric load.
EXCLUSIVE "POWER-ASSIST" design allows 15% more copper wire and electrical grade steel laminations than leading competitor gen-sets.  This gives you huge extra starting power for hard starting electrical motors.
EXCLUSIVE HEAVY DUTY DIODES gives you a "life time warranty" from failure on the most frequently replaced part on other brand gen-sets. (7.0kw thru 12.0kw only)
EXCLUSIVE HEAVY-DUTY CAPACITOR gives you "Life-Time" warranty from failure on the second most commonly replaced part on other brand gen-sets.  (7.0kw thru 12.0kw only)
EXCLUSIVE, AUTOMATIC LOAD BALANCE eliminates load chatter and excessive vibration due to unbalanced electric loads.  (7.0kw thru 12.0kw only)
EXCLUSIVE, INSULATION DESIGN gives you superior insulation against un-wanted heat for a longer lasting winding. (7.0kw thru 12.0kw only)
  • "MAGNETIC" CIRCUIT BREAKERS are the highest quality automatic protection available for protecting generator from overloads and "short circuited" electric loads.
  • RUN TIME METER totals the hours of run time for regular service intervals.
  • MEETS EPA AND C.A.R.B. clean exhaust requirements thru 2005.
  • CAST IRON CYLINDER SLEEVE OR ALL CAST IRON ENGINE BLOCKS allows easy starting, trouble free operation, and longer service life.
  • AUTOMATIC OIL SENSOR protects your engine from low oil level and automatically stops engine before damage happens.
  • SOLID STATE IGNITION allows trouble free operation with no points or condenser to replace.
  • 2-ELEMENT AIR CLEANER adds major additional engine life.
  • ELECTRONIC STARTING makes starting a simple trouble free matter.
  • 50 HERTZ POWER AND THREE PHASE is available as options.
  • 2 YEAR, 1000 HR. LIMITED WARRANTY is available with your choice of any model, 2-pole generator set.
Trust in SENTRY-PRO to continuously guard your property.  When normal power fails, SENTRY-PRO automatically starts up and supplies your critical electric power.  Your furnace keeps on working, guarding against frozen water pipes; your refrigerator keeps on working, guarding against spoiled food; your sump pump keeps working, guarding against flooding basements and your radio or TV keeps working giving you valuable information.


SENTRY-PRO protects your property automatically and gives you a feeling of security and above all, peace of mind.


The automatic sequence of operation with the automatic transfer switch (ATS) system is as follows:

  1. Normal commercial power fails.

  2. Within ten seconds, the generator starts and produces emergency electric power.

  3. The transfer switch will disconnect the commercial power lines and connect emergency generated power to the chosen load in your home.

  4. When commercial power returns, the transfer switch will reconnect this normal power back to its regular circuits.

  5. The generator will shut down after a 2 minute engine cool down run cycle and go back to a "guarding" position, awaiting the next normal power failure.

And now, for the best part.  These actions occur automatically, with no one present!



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